April Update! Please read!

Hi to our fans!  We only have two announcements for this month’s update, so let’s jump right in to it!

Our first announcement is we have updated the credits in our game Dogs of Combat (iOS and Android).  All of the awesome people who donated to our Indiegogo campaign back in 2015 have been given special mention in the game’s credits.  This is a special thanks to our awesome backers who helped us get to where we are today.  If you have Dogs of Combat installed on either iOS or Android, we encourage you to go check out the credits!

Our other announcement is we are planning on reworking the login system of the CUG Gamer Network.  If we go through with this, players on our upcoming game Contemporary Allied Racing (and eventually Dogs of Combat) will be able to log in as a guest.  They will also have the option to upgrade from a guest account to a full CUGGN Account.  We will announce the pros and cons of having a guest account in a future update.

It’s been a somewhat empty month for CUG, but the company remains active.  We thank you for reading this post, and have an awesome day!

Jake Bayer

Founder, President, and Chief Game Engineer of Closed Umbrella Games

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