March Update! Please read!

Hi to our fans!  We haven’t posted since January, so we have a few updates to announce this month.

We recently celebrated Dogs of Combat Day earlier this month.  This is our second year celebrating the holiday.  March 4th, 2015 marks the day we changed the late PlayStation Mobile platform by releasing Dogs of Combat.  That day was one of our best milestones, and we are grateful to call Dogs of Combat our game!

Due to a low amount of installs, we removed one of our games, Miner Incident, from the Windows Store.  We also removed it from our website’s Downloadable Games page.  We have no plans to revive it.

The development of our racing game, Contemporary Allied Racing, is going well.  Some of the features that will be present in game are:

  • Single-player and multi-player modes
  • AI drivers
  • Leaderboards
  • Alliance partners
  • Server-side matchmaking

We’d also like to announce the official car brands that will be in the game:

  • CloveHatch
  • Jiba
  • Cognition
  • LaserQuad
  • NinjaAuto
  • Potens

We’ll post more about the game as time continues.  We thank you for reading this post, and have an awesome day!

Jake Bayer

Founder, President, and Chief Game Engineer of Closed Umbrella Games

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