May Update and New feature in C.A.R.! Please read!

Hi to our gamers out there!  We have a short announcement this month, and it is mostly centered around a feature we’re implementing in Contemporary Allied Racing. Let’s get started!

One of the features we are currently working on is a screen recording system.  Users will be able to record their race sessions and laps.  They can also save the recordings on their devices and send it to a video editing software.  Part of our vision for the CUG Gamer Network is to have players all around the world post videos online of their awesome gameplay, and we think this screen recording system will bring us a step closer to achieving that.

However, this feature will only be available to iOS users, though we also want Android users to have this option as well.  Possibly in a future update.

For this month, we also have a video taken right from C.A.R. on our Facebook page.  Go over there and enjoy the video!

That’s it for this month’s update.  Have an awesome summer!

Jake Bayer

Founder, President, Chief Game Engineer of Closed Umbrella Games

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