April 2022 update for upcoming game!

Hi to our amazing fans! This month is going to be a somewhat brief, yet exciting update, and it’s about our upcoming game, Made You Look!.

Currently, we have three different escape rooms in the game. However, they’re incredibly outdated and don’t function independently. That being said, we’ve decided to set up new, more standalone rooms. Our first new room will be called The Crimson Diner! We’ve already started work on modeling the room’s mesh and hope to have it ready soon.


Our long-term plan with Made You Look! is to provide new content regularly and dynamically, similar to the system we have in our recent game Mythical Freaks (get it on iOS and Android!). That way, our users will stay engaged in our games moving forward.

That’s all for this post! Thanks for reading, and have an awesome end of April!


Jake Bayer

Proud Founder and President

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