March 2022 Update! Please read!

Hi to our amazing fans! We hope everyone had an awesome start of the spring season as we have some awesome updates!

We’re proud to announce that our latest game Mythical Freaks is now available on Google Play! Check it out today:

We’re also working on version 1.1, which will include bug fixes, performance improvements, and the ability to battle against your friends in local multiplayer. For the multiplayer, we’ll make use of the game’s existing controller support to allow a second controller to be connected. 

Our next update relates to our other project Made You Look!. Back in December, we announced that we had rebooted the project to give us more flexibility in what we can offer. Since then, after careful consideration, we’ve decided to return to the original codebase. This will give us even more flexibility in what we can do with the game, and provide you with the best escape rooms possible. It’s also a codebase we’re more familiar with than the rebooted version. 

We’re also implementing virtual reality features into Made You Look!, making this our first venture into XR! We already have basic movement added to the game, and here are some screenshots showcasing that!

That’s it for this month! We have a lot of work lined up moving forward, and we continue to bring you the best of Closed Umbrella Games! Thanks for reading this update, and have an awesome day!


Jake Bayer

Proud Founder and President

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