New game project and Introduction of the CUG Gamer Network!

Hi to our fans! We have a lot cover in this month’s update.  Our first big announcement is we have started a new project called C.A.R. (Contemporary Allied Racing).  As the title suggests, it will be our first racing game, and we plan to release it sometime next year. This can change, so we’ll keep you updated as the game grows. We have some early gameplay footage here.

Our other big announcement is the introduction of the CUG Gamer Network, or CUGGN.  The CUGGN is the main front for our community of gamers, and is also the name on our end for cross-game authentication (powered by PlayFab) between our games.  Here’s an example:

  • Register on Dogs of Combat
  • Log in to C.A.R. using the same account info
  • Or vice versa!

By registering on either of these games, you’re not just making an account in the game.  You’re making a gamer account with us, called a CUGGN account. Currently, Dogs of Combat is our only CUGGN title on the market.  But we plan to make C.A.R. a member of our CUGGN roster as well.

Our last announcement in this awesome update is we have started improving Dogs of Combat. We will be reworking the user interface in the game, and we already have a working login/register menu!

New login/registration screen
New login/registration screen

This epic milestone will shape the future of Closed Umbrella Games.  We hope you enjoy reading this post, and we hope you had an awesome 4th of July! Happy gaming, everyone!

Jake Bayer

Founder and President of Closed Umbrella Games

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