October 2021 updates! Please read!

Hi to our amazing fans! We hope everyone had a spooky Halloween as we have a couple updates this month.

Last month, we announced that we would showcase at the Rochester Game Festival, which would have happened earlier this month. It was unfortunately postponed to February 19th, 2022. We are planning to showcase our upcoming game Mythical Freaks at the event, so keep an eye out for future updates!

Our other announcement is Mythical Freaks is still on track for a 2021 release, and we’re super happy with it’s progress! To keep improving the game before and after its official release on iOS and Android, we have a desktop version of the game on itch.io for our PC and Mac users to play and give feedback on. If you haven’t already played it, check it out!


That’s all for this month! We hope you enjoyed reading this post, and have an awesome day!


Jake Bayer

Proud Founder and President of Closed Umbrella Games


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