CUG at BUG! Please read!

Hi to our fans!  We hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving, and we have a couple updates for this month.

Our first update is we are nearing the completion of our upcoming game, Contemporary Allied Racing.  We recently did a demo of the game at an event held by the Boston Unity Group.  There was some awesome traffic there, and we got some feedback on the game.  We thank everyone who tried out C.A.R. at the event!

Our second update is we’ve been working on another game that we plan to release on iOS and Android.  It will be a 3D game in first-person perspective and, based on our research, will be the first of its kind.  We will provide more info on this game in a later post.

That’s it for November.  Thanks for reading this post!

Jake Bayer

Founder and President of Closed Umbrella Games

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