TCG Tournament and Update on C.A.R.! Please read!

Hi to our fans!  It’s been a couple months since our last post, but we’ve been hard at work.  Let’s jump right in!

Our first announcement for October 2017 is we have a gameplay video of our upcoming game, Contemporary Allied Racing.  In the video, we’re driving the Micro King 2 on the new Hector Racing Circuit.  Check it out!

Our second update for this month is we are sponsoring a card game tournament at the Meriden Public Library.  There will be prizes and food!  If you live in Meriden or the surrounding areas and want to participate, you can sign up here.  We hope to see you there!

Our third update for this month is we have updated our Privacy Policy.  We encourage you to check it out!

It’s gonna be a spooky ending to the month, but still have a Happy Halloween!

Jake Bayer

Founder, President, and Chief Game Engineer of Closed Umbrella Games

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