New upcoming features and Noteworthy Backer!

Hi to our fans! We have two announcements today.  First, we would like to recognize a person who contributed $30 to our Indiegogo campaign last week:

  • Stanley S Lee

We’ll also have it known that his name will also go in the in-game credits in the iOS port of Dogs of Combat.  Congrats, Stanley!

If you want to see your name mentioned on our website, support our Indiegogo campaign today!

Dogs of Combat for iOS | Indiegogo

Our other important announcement is we want to introduce some new features for Dogs of Combat.  What we want to do in its post-PlayStation Mobile development is create a community around it.  And the best way to do that is to offer players their own in-game accounts.  Another feature we’re introducing is a game mode called Night Hunt. It’s a variation of Free for All, but players will hunt down each other in nothing but complete darkness!

Well, that’s all for today.  Thanks for reading this post!

Jake Bayer

Founder and President of Closed Umbrella Games

Warehouse map while in Night Hunt mode
Warehouse map while in Night Hunt mode
Reworked Main Menu (work-in-progress)
iPad Resolution
New Dogs of Combat login screen
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