First update of the decade! Please read!

Hi to our fans!  It’s been a while since we did an update, and we hope everyone had an awesome end of the year (and decade) as we’ve been busy.  We have four updates since September, and here they are!

Our first update is back in October, we showcased our game Contemporary Allied Racing at the Rochester Game Festival, which took place at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  We want to thank RIT for letting us showcase, everyone who watched our live stream, and everyone who visited our table!

Our second update for this month is we have released version 1.2 of Contemporary Allied Racing!  Download it today on iOS and Android!

Our third update is the development of our upcoming game Mythical Freaks is going well!  We also want to give a big thank you to:

  • Joanna Dabkowski, who created the art for the characters
  • Dan Wolther, who designed the game’s awesome logo
  • Dan Loeb, who made an amazing soundtrack for the game
  • Lucas O’Connor, who created the fantastic environments that the characters fight in

Here are a few photos from our latest build!

Our last update for this month: you’ve probably noticed the different logo on our website.  We’ve decided to kick off the 2020s with a new logo! We’ve also updated our social media with the new logo.  Here’s a before and after comparison of the two logos

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We’re really excited about the road ahead for 2020!  We hope you enjoy reading this post, and have an awesome day!

Jake Bayer

Founder and President of Closed Umbrella Games