CAR is now available! New Game Project! Website redesign! Please read!

Hi to our fans!  It’s been a while since we did a blog post.  We’ve been super busy over the last few months.  Today, we have a couple exciting announcements!

Our first announcement of 2019 is our game Contemporary Allied Racing is now available to download on iOS!  However, to due to technical difficulties, we have to delay the Android version of the game.  We’re doing our best to fix the problems in the Android version, and will have an Android release ready as soon as possible.  In the meantime, iOS users will be able to the download the game free of charge and start driving!

Download it here:

Our second announcement is we’ve started a new project called Made You Look! It’s an escape room game that gives the player puzzles to solve.  We’re very excited about this game and hope to release it on iOS and Android later this year!

Our third and last announcement in this blog post is we’ve started redesigning parts of the website.  We’ve updated the top menu and bottom menu, as well as added a Projects page displaying our current and past projects.  We’ll continue updating the website, but the changes are now live to coincide with the release of Contemporary Allied Racing.

It’s been a fantastic year so far, and we are glad to have the community’s support!  Thanks for reading this post!

Jake Bayer

Founder and President of Closed Umbrella Games