Multiplayer Gameplay of CAR and Founding of GameDevCT!

Hi to our fans! Closed Umbrella Games hasn’t posted yet this year, and a lot has happened since our last update.  Let’s dive right in, starting with some multiplayer footage!

Our first update for 2018 is a short, yet awesome clip of some multiplayer gameplay of our upcoming game Contemporary Allied Racing.  Check it out on YouTube!

Our second update for this month is we are a founding member of GameDevCT, an association created to foster the growth of the games industry in Connecticut.  The association hopes to work with schools, companies, and individual developers to create a stronger game development community within Connecticut.  We are proud to be working with GameDevCT, and we hope it will continue its mission in the years ahead

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That’s it for this month, and we hope you enjoyed reading this awesome update!


Jake Bayer

Founder, President, and Chief Game Engineer of Closed Umbrella Games