Christmas Update and Main Menu of C.A.R.!

Hi to our fans!  We hope everyone is having a happy holiday, and we have some announcements to share.

Our first announcement in this jolly update is we have started working on our next game, Contemporary Allied Racing!  We are so excited to be entering the racing genre, and it’s going to be a fun ride making this game.  Contemporary Allied Racing will not only be our first single-player game since 2014’s JJ Nikster 3: Eastern Operation, but it will also be our first game to feature both single and multiplayer components.

We’ve been working on the main menu for Contemporary Allied Racing, and we decided to release a couple screenshots of the main menu.  And here they are!


2016 has been a somewhat rough year for us, but we also made a few milestones.  Let’s look at some of the highlights from this year:

  • Joined the Apple Developer Program
  • Released Dogs of Combat on the App Store
  • Went to the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games
  • Launched the CUG Gamer Network
  • Started development on Contemporary Allied Racing
  • Went to the Boston Festival of Indie Games
  • Released Dogs of Combat on Google Play

These are some pretty great milestones, and even though we suffered a break-in earlier this year, that didn’t stop us from doing what we do here at Closed Umbrella Games.  No matter what, we won’t let anything stop us from being who we want to be.

We thank you for reading this update, and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Jake Bayer

Founder and President of Closed Umbrella Games